I became Unproductive for One Complete Year and Here’s What I Found Out

I went underground to see what happens when we start becoming unproductive



Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Let me clear two things first, that I was clearly not on break and second this is not with reference to any research papers to prove any facts, it is clearly based on my personal experience which I had lately.

Yes, you read the first line correctly I was not on a break from my work, being on a break means focusing on one’s mental health as well as physical health. Here I am talking about being completely unproductive for one entire year, the only thing I was doing was my day job to survive my daily needs.

I know the entire plot sounds quite crazy but things which I saw will always be like a life lesson to me and the following are things which I discovered to be unproductive —

I found the concept of “limiter”

If you ask me the rationale behind why I became unproductive then there is no solid reason but there were lots of things happening in the background like I was feeling stressed, very upset, demotivated and many more things.

I still remember that last year around this time I had no interest in going to the gym or working on my hobbies, I had lost my interest in everything. It seemed to me like a temporary mental condition but I never understood when a few unproductive days turned into a few unproductive weeks and later it turned into a few unproductive months.

After a few weeks of being unproductive, I decided to end this by hook or by crook so I decided to take the first step to bring back my lifestyle by going to the gym. But I started making silly excuses like “Today I am feeling very tired because of my day job I should sleep instead of going to the Gym”.

My excuses took over my entire mindset and henceforth I tried to go to Gym only around a dozen times in an entire year. I had a gym subscription of a year and I went only around 12 to 13 times in that span.

I thought my day job is very hectic and started blaming it for making me unproductive and disappointed. Soon I realize that there is not that stress for me as compared to other people. So I started…




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