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Books that helped me to understand the fundamentals of programming.

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Recently, I was cleaning my bookshelf and I was able to find my old books which really helped me to ace programming.

I completely understand the fact that programmers always love hands-on programming than reading books. …

Tutorial to plot a graph using Python

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In the modern era, drawing a graph for specific data can be a heavy task if you want to visualize thousands of coordinates. But, visualizing your data with help of Python is a very easy task irrespective of the size of data.

Python has been an all-time favorite language for…

Resources which I used to learn Python

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Python ranks 3 in the list of top 10 programming languages of 2021. It gained huge popularity mainly because of its easy syntax and vast usability.

Mastering Python can be an easy task if you have the necessary resources with you. In this article, I will be writing about resources…

All resources included.

Photo by Branko Stancevic on Unsplash

Upgrading your skillset doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, you just need to be consistent enough to allocate a particular amount of time to learn a new skill.

There are few weeks left before we celebrate New Year’s Eve and most probably, I would be asking myself a…

Ultimate roadmap with golden rules included

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This micro article will cover 3 points namely the roadmap, right resources, and methodologies which you can implement to learn a programming language in 7 days.

I won’t be focusing on one programming language. Hence, you can apply this methodology to any programming language which you are willing to learn…

A short article from my experience.

Photo by Clément Hélardot on Unsplash

Python is the 3rd most popular language among all programmers. Holding its strong position in the top 10 programming languages, the future of Python is quite bright.

Recently I wrote an article where I compiled resources available for the Python programming language — and to be completely honest, I personally…

A short note — my opinion on this topic

Photo by ray rui on Unsplash

As a short Introduction — “Data Science is a Methodology consisting of algorithms and analyzing data to retrieve or predict a particle outcome

After reading tons of topics on Twitter about — Why Data Science and Machine Learning are the Future?

Tutorial to learn C++

Photo by AltumCode on Unsplash

For those who are complete beginners in the world of programming, I would like to start with the short definition of programming — “Programming is the way to communicate with your pc”

Programming Language is the language that a PC or laptop understands. So, C++ is a programming language used…

According to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg

Photo by Md Mahdi on Unsplash

A short intro to everyone who is wondering — what is programming?

So, basically, programming is a skill to communicate with our computers and command them to perform a particular task. Programming can be done using programming languages like Python, C++, JavaScript, and many more.

I have been in the…

Best YouTube channels which I would recommend you to follow for programming content

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

Recently, I found some awesome content I am been following to upgrade my skills, and the best part is that this content is available freely on YouTube. Personally, I prefer YouTube as the best video streaming platform available for free.

You can use YouTube for constructive as well as destructive…


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