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What I wanted vs What I Got

Finally, I got some time to write an article on my favorite platform. Last month, I had exams so I was unable to write on Medium. But, let me tell you that writing on Medium gives me a special kind of happiness that nothing else can ever give me.

As 90% of writers on Medium know that, writing about Medium topic means Medium Workers won’t promote this Article, and the Reach of this Article will be quite less. But Who Cares?

For People who are here only to read about how much I earned last month. Then, it was around…

Medium Please Stop!

A few weeks ago we saw Medium CEO Ev Williams announced that Most of the Medium Owned Publications are not able to Gather New audience and have completely failed to attract new Subscribers…

I think it is fair enough for the new audience as Medium is Not the same as it was 1 year ago…

Medium Had 400k Paying Members in 2019 and Had planned to cross 5 Million Paying Members by 2021. But currently, It has only 750k Paying Members. That is quite less than the target.

But, what actually went wrong?

Medium was the Platform Created by Ev Williams (Ex co-founder of Twitter)…

What went wrong and what you can learn from it.

One of my Friend working in a top IT company referred me for a junior-level position in his company. I was so excited to work in a New Company and was pretty confident that I would easily clear the Technical Interview.

Just after referring me to his companies employee portal, I received an email stating that I need to take an online assessment before appearing to Interview. It was no big deal for me as I am quite good at programming related stuff.

I had 1 full week to prepare for my online assessment and the pattern for it was…

Productivity Is the Second Name for Consistency

How come people see a 2 minute YouTube video and get motivated for the next 3 or 4 hour straight. Can’t they realize the fact that this is a temporary motivation and it will just dig a hole for themselves?

If that 2 minute YouTube video would have worked for a long run, I doubt how many videos Elon Musk had watched…

It’s been a year since I joined my local gym to cut down my excess fat and remain slim and fit. …

My honest opinion on both the platforms

Codeforces and Codechef are competitive programming platforms, where programmers compete with each other to increase their rank and top the leaderboard. It’s always been a confusing topic for new programmers to decide the best platform for them.

Both the website supports weekly, monthly and short term coding competitions and have different type of rating systems. Let us see some information about both the platforms and I am sure it can help you to decide the most appropriate platform for you.


Codeforces was created by a team of Russian competitive programmers led by Mike Mirzayanov on April 10 2009. Codeforces have…

Learn to talk with your computer

As, we all know that from the very beginning of the human race communication has been the biggest challenge that we have faced apart from food, clothing and shelter.

I have a friend living in Japan who doesn’t know any other language than Japanese. So, how am I supposed to have a conversation with him about tasty and spicy food? The obvious answer to this question is that I should either learn to speak Japanese or just keep staring at him until he understands me — that might be weird


Communication is a very important aspect of our day to…


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