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Handy Data Structure which is easy to implement

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Data is nothing but anything which is a fact, information, observation. In the modern era handling data effectively is a concern for every developer. Data Structures provide an effective way to store, retrieve, and analyze the data.

Also, Data Structures are very important to land yourself a good job in big companies. Data Structures is very effective when it comes to solving real-world problems.

Google Map uses Graph Data Structure to tell you the distance between two cities and finds the shortest route for you. Facebook also uses a simple Graph Data Structure to keep you connected with your friends.

Are you one of the users using a top programming language?

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It’s always a tough competition among all the users of a programming language justifying why their favourite programming language should be the best programming language in 2021.

Recently, a survey was launched by Stack Overflow to unfold the mystery of which programming language is the most used programming language by all the programmers all around the world. Seeing the statistics provided by Stack Overflow the highest number of people participating in the survey were from the USA with 18.33% participants. India marked second to participate in the survey with 12.61% participants.

The top 10 programming languages of 2021 are

#2 Never Say NO

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It has been a while since I worked with few senior software developers. Firstly, I hated their attitude and later I was totally impressed by the way how they dealt with situations that I could never handle while being a complete newbie.

For me learning from the expert has always been a big motivation to complete the task which was assigned to me. Although, I personally think that senior people have some drawbacks like they are rude but, seeing the way how the work is always a great deal. So, here are three habits that I adapted from my seniors.

Upgrade Yourself

Compilation of the resources which I used till now

Computer vector created by svstudioart

A few days ago, I was able to mention a new skill in my resume. It is not cooking but Python Programming. Coming to Python I haven’t seen a language that is easier than Python itself.

First I thought was just created to teach kids how to code. Later, I found out all the uses of Python Programming language in today’s modern world where learning a programming language is as important as learning to drive a car.

Below are the Important uses of Python Programming Language:-

  1. Solving A Interview Programming Problem
  2. Web Development (Django)
  3. Machine Learning

After knowing the vast…

The most important aspect for a software developer

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In recent times, I have seen lots of people who can code 10 lines of code and start calling themselves software developers.

Firstly let me clear this fact that you don’t need a job to call yourself a software developer. So don’t keep roaming around the city telling that you are a true-hearted software developer only because you have a job in an IT Company.

Following are the aspects which I think are most important for a software developer to be a true software developer. Plus, It won’t take you much effort to learn them all.

The art of Managing

I have seen many…

Sort your elements with bubble sort

Bubble Sort Time complexity
Image from the author: Aniket

Why is it called Bubble Sort

Traditionally bubble sort got its name from a phenomenon where a bubble rises from the bottom of the water. Therefore, higher values rise from one end to the another by continuously comparing it with its next element.

In the modern world where C++ 11 introduced the sort function to sort arrays and vectors with time complexity of O(N log N), programmers often forget to read basic sorting techniques and completely rely on the sort() function. But to be completely honest it is a very wrong practice. We should always clear our basics before using shortcuts.

Let’s code Bubble Sort and…


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